Team Uniforms and Private Events

League teams placing team uniforms orders will receive 25% off their uniform orders. Plan an event or a party for your team or player group at Signature Tennis! Join us to celebrate a new season, a teammate’s birthday, a tournament win or just get together with your team for a fun night out. We will schedule your private event from 7 – 9pm on a Monday – Friday evening. All attendees will enjoy a 15% discount on regularly priced merchandise (excluding racquets) during the event, and organizers will enjoy extra incentives.

Demo Program

A $10 payment allows you to try racquets for up to 3 days. Your payment will be applied to the purchase of a new racquet. New racquets purchased must be made within the 30 days of your demo period. Should you decide NOT to purchase a racquet, your $10 payment is non-refundable. You may demo up to 3 racquets at a time, for maximum of 3 days. If the demo racquet is not returned within 3 days, you will be charged a $1 late fee per racquet per day. We went to give as many players as possible a chance to demo these racquets so it is important that they be returned to us on time. If after 7 days the demo racquet has not been returned, you will be charged Signature Tennis' full price of the racquet on your credit card. Signature Tennis' demo program customers are responsible for the return of all racquets and will be charged at prevailing Signature Tennis retail prices for racquets that are lost, stolen, abused, accidentally damaged, etc.

Stringing Service

Signature Tennis offers comprehensive, professional racquet stringing. We offer a wide variety of strings by Babolat, Head, Luxilon, Wilson, & more. Customers may purchase their string from Signature Tennis, or provide their own. Along with racquet stringing, we also offer grommet and grip replacement services. Stringing fee is $20 per racquet strung. Stringing fee + cost of string= amount of stringing racquet.