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With winter freezing you out of your favorite sport, you are anticipating the day when you can rule the outdoor courts as the warm sun hits your skin. Are you prepared to hit the court in fashion? To get fully prepared for the upcoming season, come into Signature Tennis to stock up on your Kansas City tennis equipment! Your tennis equipment is one of the most important factors that directly affect your performance during a match.

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tennisplayerWhen you are purchasing your Kansas City tennis equipment, it should be a reflection of your style and your game. Lucky for you, Signature Tennis makes it easy for you to shop the best brands and update your tennis wardrobe. In addition to tennis outfits and accessories, Signature Tennis also offers the best Kansas City tennis equipment and services to keep your racquet match ready! We offer a wide array of products and styles in our store located in Corbin Park in Overland Park. When you walk into our store, you will notice the difference between our family-owned store and your corporate chain sports store.

The upkeep on Kansas City tennis equipment can be a burden. What happens if your strings were to come undone during a match, or you run out of balls? By stopping in at Signature Tennis before you head over to your weekend tournament or high school match, you will be stocked up on everything you need to take home the gold. If you have a racquet that needs new strings or tightening, drop it off and we will have it ready for you to pick up on your way home.

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